Software review is an important part of the software life cycle, assisting engineers in validating quality, functionality and other vital features and components in the software. Software review consists of testing the product and making sure that it meets the requirements stated by the client.

Some important points about software review:

  • Improves the productivity
  • It’s more effective
  • Plans time and costs
  • Eliminate bugs and garbage in the code

There exist three types of software review:

  • Software Peer Review: Focuses on the process of assessing the technical content and quality of the product, conducted by the author of the work product along with some other developers.
  • Software Manager Review: Software Management Review evaluates the work status. In this section decisions regarding downstream activities are taken.
  • Software Audit Review: It’s a type of external review in which one or more critics, not part of the development team, organize an independent inspection of the software product and its processes to assess their compliance with stated specifications and standards.

Software review is a very important part of SDLC, it is very useful to eliminate some errors at early stages of the development, some version controllers have tools that can help you with software review.

As for the processes and activities we usually have in software review:

  • Entry Evaluation
  • Management Preparation
  • Review Planning
  • Preparation
  • Examination and Exit Evaluation

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